How to recover/fix back Corrupted Sd Card or Issue in Sd Card without formatting it.

Sometimes while changing the sd card from phone to phone we may see this error message “Issue in Sd Card Tap to fix” or “Sd card is corrupted”.To fix this error Android phones ask us to format the whole Sd card to recover the sd card back and we don't want to lose our whole data by doing format😥.

So here is a simple one-line command to solve this issue without losing data on SD Card.

Step 1:

Connect the sd card to PC/Laptop using the Card reader or connect through a USB cable. If we click on the sd card it will throw an error popup as showing in image 2.

Image 1
Image 2

Step 2:

Open Command Prompt and enter the below command ”

Command : chkdsk /f /“YOUR DRIVE LETTER” (my sd card drive letter is E: as shown in image 1) so my command will be “chkdsk /f /E:”

The command to enter(Image 3)
Successful Execution of that command(Image 4)

After entering that command it will be done to 100% as shown in Image 4 and check the file explorer now the corrupted sd card is fixed and it will open now. Add back to your phones again. 🤩

Hope this helps!