Sometimes while changing the sd card from phone to phone we may see this error message “Issue in Sd Card Tap to fix” or “Sd card is corrupted”.To fix this error Android phones ask us to format the whole Sd card to recover the sd card back and we don't want to lose our whole data by doing format😥.

So here is a simple one-line command to solve this issue without losing data on SD Card.

Step 1:

Connect the sd card to PC/Laptop using the Card reader or connect through a USB cable. …

What if phone power button has stopped working in emergency time due to the damage of physical button,Within Three easy Steps All we need is …

Requirements: PC/Laptop and USB cable.

Step 1:Download the fastboot tools zip.

Link to download:

After Downloading extract the zip file,open the extracted folder and install the software.

Step 2:

Connect the USB cable to laptop and make sure you don’t connect the other end of cable to the phone.Now Take the phone(which is in Dead/Power off state) and press the volume down button and Don’t Leave the volume down button hold it and…

Pavan Kumar

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